Alukap-XR 25mm End Stop Bar 3m White

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Alukap®-XR Endstop Bar is used as a high quality sheet closure for Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate and glass units at the eaves end of the roof. The Alukap®-XR Endstop bar is an 'F' shaped profile providing extra strength to rigidity of the glazing. This Alukap®-XR Endstop bar is suited for 25mm Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate or 24mm glass units.More info

  • Delivery Lead Time: 2-3Days
  • Manufacturer Code: AKX118W
  • Length: 3000 mm
  • Thickness: 39 mm
  • Width: 38 mm / 0ft 1.5in
  • Brand: Alukap-XR
  • Colour: White
  • Colour: White