Fontana Ischia Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Black/Silver 189x86x83cm

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This Ischia Oven has a 60×40 cm cooking chamber. It is equipped with a practical painted steel trolley with wheels. Also provided with the oven is a wood-holder plate, flue pipe with adjustable smoke exit valve and chimney top. It has a closing door for the cooking chamber. The fire surface is made of high quality refractory chamotte. Perfect for food use. Furthermore, the internal structure is in stainless steel with paints that withstand high temperatures for the maximum resistance to heat, weather and rust. In addition, the cooking chamber consists of natural rock wool which allows to maintain temperature more efficiently and to avoid that the external structure becomes to hot. The unique cooking chamber – domed back-to-back and side-to-side — eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution. The innovative design allows smoke to exit even when the door is closed for maximum heat retention and consistent cooking temperatures. Above all, this Cart version not only looks smarter but also more convenient. This easy transportable cart version of this Ischia Pizza Oven allows you to make convivial moments even more enjoyable on trips out of town, camping or simply to move to the sunniest part of the garden! What are you waiting for? Finally show off to your friends and family and go and make a mouth watering pizza which bursts with flavour! Take a look at our pizza oven accessories and enhance your pizza cooking experience! Features and Specifications: Type of fuel: Wood Chimney Diameter: 120mm External Dimensions: 83 x 86 x 189 cm Weight: 75kg Cooking Chamber Size: 60 x 40 x 31 cmMore info

  • Delivery Lead Time: 5-7 Days
  • Manufacturer Code: ISCHIA_CART_WOOD
  • Length: 189 mm
  • Thickness: 83 mm
  • Width: 86 mm / 0ft 3.39in
  • Brand: Fontana
  • Colour: Black / Silver
  • Barcode: 8033776070009
  • Colour: Black/Silver
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